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Welcome to Marstal

Marstal strand med badehusene

Welcome to Marstal

Marstal is the largest town on Ærø, and its long maritime history is reflected everywhere. For centuries Marstal vessels have sailed the seven seas, and even today the town is the home port for a consider able number of coasters. Shipping is still the nerve of the town with its dockyards, its shipping companies and its maritime school which for more than a century has trained navigators for the Danish merchant fleet. Marstal is a charming town with narrow alleys and passages. Its many stores, restaurants and cafés all invite their guests to enjoy life.

Along the harbour is a charming collection of skiffs, fishing nets, coasters and yachts. Marstal Maritime Museum gives a lively impression of the town’s seafaring history. You should also visit the beautiful church from 1738. The camping site, the youth hostel and the hotels provide accommodation for the many visitors. Eriks Hale, the strip that jots into the sea south of the town, has a very fine beach for swimming and bathing, and while there you can enjoy the picturesque little huts and the open sea.

Søndre Værft 3
5960 Marstal

+45 63526365